18.12.2019. Kiskunfélegyháza.  Nights fall into lights from December in the playgrounds of Kaffka Margit street and Darvas square, Kiskunfélegyháza. (gallery) (gallery)

13.12.2019. Tamási. A new development, a new line. Our newest product can be physically found in Tamási. (gallery)

25.09.2019. Tamási. We proudly announce, we installed Europe's first SMART, solar public lightings syncronised with LoRa WAN network. Check it!

19.09.2019. Civitas Sapiens ’19 – Smart city conference. Our partner, Antenna Hungary Zrt. and ILST-Hungary together introduced our smart-solar devices developed and optimised to LoRa WAN network. (gallery)

11.09.2019. Most variations of our 8 meter solar candelabras were installed to the Sport Center of Gyál in Ady Endre street. See gallery!

17.05.2019. "Today is the World Telecommunication Day." We were present.

09.04.2019. Upcoming tender on renewable energy for enterprises

21.03.2019. Exceptional announcement - 100% state aid intended to implementation of solar systems for enterprises

01.26.2018. Visit in Khartoum, Sudan / Hotel Corinthia

After the agreement on its solar powered outdoor lighting project in 2017, we returned to Hotel Corinthia to investigate and discuss the moderinzation of the indoor lighting by changing the recent to LED.

01.23.2018. Visit in River Nile State, Sudan

We were honored to be invited by the government of River Nile State, Sudan to assess and discuss available solar and LED technologies and solutions of electric and lighting supply of villages. (gallery)

09.05.2017. The municipality of Tamasi chose our products to their cycle path lighting.

23.09.2016. Bikers' march by Szilas stream.

05.04.2016. Solar street lightings candalebras were implemented at route 44 by local authorities.

29.05.2015. "már régóta vártak a dombóvári kerékpárosok" - The bikers had been waiting for it for a while.

13.11.2014. 5x solar street lighting candalebras were implemented in impasses of Tessedik Samuel street, Debrecen.

29.07.2014. The cemetry of Agfalva was renewed.

14.02.2011. Cycle and pedestrian path bridge in Szolnok