Technical parameters:

Previous types
UNK-MONO-40W8M-2016-KV, UNK-MONO-50W8M-2016-KV
Height of light point
7.4 m
Solar power
620 W
Candelabra colour
Operation hours without intense sunlight guaranteed
Public lighting class
7800 lm
Battery capacity
first-class Li-Ion battery, or AGM BANNER lead battery 400 Ah
Colour temperature
3800-5000 K
Prefered distance between poles
30 m


  • Name of product: solar-powered public outdoor lighting
  • Technology: self-sustained public outdoor lighting charged by solar panel, electricity stored in battery, using LED lighting
  • Certificate: CE (European Compliance)


Technical parameters:

  • 8000mm high,  statically sized, hot dipped galvanized steel candelabra
  • lighting technological planning on demand
  • anodised aluminium luminaires for better heat outlets,  IP 65 protection, high impact resistance (IR3 class under EN 60598-1 ), controlling electronics are integrated to the luminaires for simple modular structure
  • 2x min.620 W solar panels
  • 400 Ah BANNER AGM lead battery, or equivalent lifetime first class Li-Ion battery (LG, Sony, Panasonic) with min. 165 hours operation without intense sunlight, guaranteed – a Li-Ion batteries are placed in the luminaires
  • fixed on cement base
  • automatic, charge-detecting controlling electronics, special  ILST charge controller with min. 97% of efficiency
  • special ILST-MICRO-05 microcomputer controlling unit
  • SMART: syncronized operation
    • simultaneously turning on- and off
    • simultaneous dimmering
    • pre-defined lighting program on demand
    • smart, self-studying functions



  • battery: 2 years manufacturer's guarantee
  • solar panel: 10 years (25 years of manufacturer's guarantee with min. 80% efficiency)
  • LED luminaires: 5 years special guarantee
  • In case of solar powered lighting products, enttrustable operation (continous, winter time) can only be ensured if the panel surfaces are shaded not more than 30%. (canopy, etc.). The meantime-growing canopy is to be thinned by the client early spring time, every year. If thinning does not occur, guarantee does not cover any failure of the battery caused by lifetime decrease due to growing shrouds.
  • Manufacturers do not provide guranatee conditions in case of  damaged caused by nature and unintended use. The manufacturer provides comprehensive maintainance of the public outdoor lighting candelabra product, type ILST-NKL-SMART-8M-1-2021 whose costs and conditions shall be provided in case of claim.
  • The ILST-Hungary Ltd. manufactures based on quality management system ISO 9001:2009.



  • Installation  does not require building permits!
  • Function of the device does not require connection to the electricity grid as it is entirely self-sufficient
  • No need for intense sunlight to charge the solar cell, as diffused light is enough to charge with an ILST solar charge controller.
  • A fully charged battery can last up to 300 hours without sunlight, which is the equivalent of 16 days of night time during winter.
  • Under intense sunlight the collected power can fully charge the battery in a couple of hours.
  • Minimal lifespan of the device provides 50 000 hours of active usage, guaranteeing at least 15 years of service.
  • Due to simple design, the device can be installed anywhere, especially focusing on the constantly developing periphery regions of cities, where the development of infrastructure can cost more than the product itself
  • Completely independent of the electricity grid, so installation does not have to be preceded by cable laying
  • Lights automatically turn on at nightfall.
  • Does not emit UV and IR lights (less eye strain and does not attract insects, minimal light pollution and ecological footprint)
  • Immediate maximum brightness without flickering or flashing.
  • In 10 years of use, carbon dioxide emissions can be decreased by 2-3 tonnes with each device.
  • Products are in line with the main points of the 2008, Commissions of the European Communities’ climate change and energy management notices: (1), (7), (8)! For more information, check appendix.


Time frame of installation

  • 30 days (including so the construction and setting time of the concrete base, as the mehanical work of the candelabra and installation)