Outdoor LED street luminance

Technical parameters:

Height of light point
0.92 m
1320 lm
Colour temperature
4000 K


  • Name of product: Outdoor LED street luminance
  • Technology: LED technology lighting
  • Certificate: CE (European Compliance)
  • lighting technological design on demand

Technical parameters:

  • LED max. power   7.2 W
  • Flux 1320 lm
  • Colour temperature 4000 K
  • Height of light point 0.92 m
  • Voltage  230V AC, 50Hz
  • Operation temperature   - 40° – 55°C
  • RCD Class I
  • Protection IP65
  • Lamp body material carbon steel
  • Optika/lencse polycarbonates
  • Resistance to impact High, vandal resistant
  • Size 980*120*60 mm
  • Fixation  cement base, szie: 350*250*400 mm


  • LED luminaires: 5 years special guarantee
  • Manufacturers do not provide guranatee conditions in case of  damaged caused by nature and unintended use. The manufacturer provides comprehensive maintainance of the public outdoor lighting candelabra product, type BLT-5W-PW-01 whose costs and conditions shall be provided in case of claim.
  • Az ILST-Hungary Kft. manufactures based on quality management system ISO 9001:2009.


  • Does not emit UV and IR lights (less eye strain and does not attract insects, minimal light pollution and ecological footprint)
  • Immediate maximum brightness without flickering or flashing.
  • Products are in line with the main points of the 2008, Commissions of the European Communities’ climate change and energy management notices: (1), (7), (8)! For more information, check appendix.