Solar power plants

Our solar power plants generate electricity using solar energy.

Network auxiliary solar power system

The installation of power plants is not hampered by the already existing electricity network. In this case, the solar power plant can be connected to the available electricity network. Thanks to this, the unused solar-generated energy is returned to the service provider, or if the solar generated energy does not cover the demand, it is supplemented from the electric grid instead of the battery.

In the case of electricity grid connected solar power plants (auxiliary power plants), there is already a connection between the consumer and the electricity provider. In such a situation, the installed and functioning network auxiliary power plants can provide the user with:

  • Significant decrease in electrical equipment operation cost due to supplement electricity provided by the solar power plant.
  • Contribution to environment friendly and green energy consumption.
  • Constant steady flow of electricity regardless of the required amount of power due to connection to the power grid.

Stand alone solar power plant

The autonomous, solar power plant grants the opportunity to access electricity at isolated locations where even today, access to the built-in electricity network has not been solved. The batteries store the generated electricity, thus ensuring continuous energy supply to the consumer.

The autonomous solar power plants are not connected to the electricity network. This is the core feature of the equipment, which offers the ideal solution to cover the electricity needs of two parties:

  • Devoted eco-friendly people who wants to use the autonomous solar power plans to no longer burden our planet with fossil fuels,
  • People who live in remote areas, cut off from the electricity grid and to gain access would entail disproportionate costs and infrastructure investment, while their capital is limited.

ILST-Hungary accepts commissions for complete planning, execution and administration (authorization procedures included).

Solar power plants