Solar-powered street lighting

ILST-Hungary’s standalone solar-powered products work autonomously, eliminating the need to connect to the electricity grid for installation and usage as well as providing steady energy flow by collecting the generated electric energy into the connected battery.

Solar lighting products designed, manufactured and implemented by ILST-Hungary are entirely eligible to the EU’s regulations on lighting. In all cases, the design is in focus of the MSZ EN 13201 lighting classifications.

Our solar outdoor and public lighting products are outstanding in both operation reliability as well as in the MSZ EN 13201 standard lighting classifications rating.



  • Installation  does not require building permits!
  • Function of the device does not require connection to the electricity grid as it is entirely self-sufficient
  • No need for intense sunlight to charge the solar cell, as diffused light is enough to charge with an ILST solar charge controller.
  • Under intense sunlight the collected power can fully charge the battery in a couple of hours.
  • Due to simple design, the device can be installed anywhere, especially focusing on the constantly developing periphery regions of cities, where the development of infrastructure can cost more than the product itself
  • Completely independent of the electricity grid, so installation does not have to be preceded by cable laying
Solar-powered street lighting